In Your Faith

Run by the Faith Network 4 Manchester and the Muslim Jewish Forum of Greater Manchester in partnership with Manchester Hindu Jewish Association.

This project is running comparative multi-faith informal education sessions and activities in schools and youth groups developing teenagerˇ¦s awareness of different faiths, their similarities, positive contributions to communities and disavowing myths.

The aim is to enrich, inspire and empower young people. We want to build respect amongst young people for those of other faiths who might have different beliefs and values from their own which in turn, will help develop social cohesion both within schools, youth groups and the local community.

We utilise a quiz or other activities to initiate dialogue and then have a lively interactive presentation to inform and progress discussion.

We recruit and train volunteers from within local faith communities. These volunteers can give first hand insight into the real lives of different faiths, not just what would be found in a text book, and this helps put young peopleˇ¦s identity and the knowledge they have previously gained into context. Training is given to skill volunteers to undertake these sessions.

For more information, or to book a session, please contact us at mail@fn4m.org.

Supported by: Manchester City Council

FAITH NETWORK FOR MANCHESTER is a charity registered in England and Wales no: 1144161