About FN4M

Faith Network for Manchester (FN4M) is Manchester's interfaith and multifaith network for the city. Our aims are to bring together people of different faiths across the city to speak to issues of regeneration, to act as a means of communication between faith groups and be a resource to address issues of common concern, and to represent the voice of faith in the life of the city, especially to public bodies. Over time FN4M has developed into an able and committed body that delivers effective tools for engagement through conferences, dialogues, meetings, newsletters, website etc.

We are grateful to the Equalities Programme of Manchester City Council who have provided our core funding since 2013.

In the past year we have held a conference, 'Faith in Education', delivered a programme of dialogues and published the report of our research project entitled 'Manchester's Services for Minorities: Understanding Needs and Improving Services'. We have also continued to run our three projects around the city: In Your Faith, for schools and young people, Women of Faith and Peace Mala workshops.

We are always looking for new members to participate in this group and broaden its scope. If you would like more information please contact us at mail@fn4m.org.


  • to enable the voice of faith communities to be heard at all stages of local decision making and strategic planning
  • to ensure the ethical dimension is always considered at all levels of local decision making and strategic planning
  • to provide a forum for members of different faith communities across Manchester
  • to meet together to consider the issues raised in local decision making and strategic planning


  • Organise conferences on 2 key issues each year
  • Create opportunities for public discussion on issues concerning local strategic planning and policy making.
  • Ensure the voice of the faith communities is heard at the local level in the strategic planning relating to these issues
  • Identify topics and issues that we believe need to be considered at the local level
  • Learn more about each others' perspectives through talks, visits to each others' places of worship and working on particular projects and events
  • Tackle prejudice and discrimination through awareness raising and educational programmes.
  • Publish a bi-annual newsletter to promote good practice and share information
  • Offer resources and information through the website
  • Create opportunities for volunteering and neighbourhood engagement
  • Support Interfaith Week with an annual event
  • Advise local government, the Police, hospitals and other public services on religious issues and the needs of users of different faiths
  • Assist on local multi faith civic ceremonies and events
  • Respond to any local incidents such as attacks on places of worship or cemeteries


  • forum meetings
  • conferences
  • open meetings on issues relating to strategic planning at the local level

FAITH NETWORK FOR MANCHESTER is a charity registered in England and Wales no: 1144161